How to rent a car in a cheap way?

If you wonder if renting a car while traveling is worth it, the answer is definitely yes, the best option will be to rent a car. A car will give you many advantages, such as:
You will be able to travel freely where you deem convenient without having to share your trip with other people in a bus or minibus
You can choose different destinations and optimize your trip
It will be a more comfortable and safe trip
You will be able to transport your luggage better
You can move to other more distant points making better use of your time

In most of the well-known destinations in the world, there are many options to rent a car. However, renting a cheap car is not always easy, especially if you travel in a high season of tourism, where demand increases and therefore prices.
So how to rent a cheap car?
Follow this list of tips to ensure you find the best prices on a car rental:
Travel in a low season
In the low season, prices will always be cheaper since the demand is lower. In the low season, you will find truly amazing prices, up to the point of $ 3 a day or $ 5 a week for a small car.
Make your rent online, but before doing so, check the prices of different companies.
Making your rent online will guarantee at least 10% cheaper than if you do it directly at the reservation office of any company. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that renting at the airport will always be much more expensive. So taking the time to compare the prices of different companies will ensure that your rent is much cheaper.
Look for offers that companies offer through their website or their social networks
All companies at some point offer deals. In the deals, you will find the best opportunities for a cheap car rental.
Check traveler comments on travel forums and social media.
The comments in the forums always give you very useful clues for your trip. Here you can find advice on the best rental companies, the cheapest and the most reliable.
Choose the least amount of insurance and accessories.
If you can use Google Maps on your mobile or any app to guide you then why hire the GPS. The same goes for the rest of the accessories. On the other hand, only Liability insurance is mandatory in most countries. You can ignore the others, but this is something that should be left to your consideration, since the less insurance you pay, the more you risk.

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